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OREGON: School Shooter Details Emerge

Jared Padgett, the 15 year-old Oregon high school student who yesterday marched onto campus and murdered a classmate, had exactly the interests you would expect.
Police Chief Scott Anderson revealed that Padgett was armed with a legally owned AR-15 rifle, which he stole from his home and used to open fire and kill Emilio Hoffman, 14, and wound coach Todd Rispler. Police also revealed that Padgett arrived for his shooting spree on the school bus and was heavily armed, with nine loaded magazines, holding several hundred rounds carried in a guitar case - raising the possibility that he planned on committing mass murder. On Padgett's Facebook page, the 15-year-old liked two tactical knife companies, M4 assault rifles and political pages such as "Conservative American Military Veterans Against Barack Obama" and "We WILL NOT Be Disarmed."
Several hundred rounds. 

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