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Quote Of The Day - Signe Walsoe

The woman who sings yesterday's "the rainbow belongs to God, not gays" song is very upset about your reaction to her warning that we'll all spend eternity writhing in a lake of FIIRRRRREEE.
Addressed to those of you who has left some pretty hateful comments to the Rainbow-song (and to me)! I don't know if your hearts can (wants to) receive this.... however, I wish to bring this statement: NO HATE, WHAT SO EVER, on my part, having shared this message concerning the rainbow! However, it IS the conviction of my heart, that has driven me to shout from the rooftops, that this in fact this IS a serious matter... and whether you believe it or not, I have shared it with LOVE... coz' I love and respect people... people of ALL KIND! I have precious gay-friends and lesbian-friends whom I LOVE despite the fact that my heart will never be able to agree on their homosexual lifestyle. There is a world of difference between disliking something (a lifestyle) and disliking someone (the person who practice this particular lifestyle)! I have NO HATE in my heart towards any of you who practice a homosexual lifestyle! God bless you!
The track was brought to our attention by crimes against humanity defendant Scott Lively.

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