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SOUTH KOREA: Seoul Pride Parade Disrupted By Christian Protesters

Seoul's gay pride parade was disrupted multiple times today when hundreds of Christians laid in the path of the floats and refused to move.
According to information provided to Gay Star News by a Ph.D student in South Korea, conservative Christians held mass prayer services during the 7 June event. "To put it simply today was a kind of battle between extremist Christians and LGBT attendees of said pride," the student wrote in a email account. The parade started but was stopped multiple times by protestors putting their bodies on the street, blocking the march. The anti-gay protestors sang South Korea's national anthem and chanted gays had no place in the country. The email account claims police arrested a few of the Christian demonstrators.
Many public events in South Korea have been canceled since the April ferry sinking which took over 300 lives. The pride parade went on despite official permission having been rescinded by Seoul officials. According to parade organizers, today's protesters were capitalizing on the sinking in order to thwart the celebration.

VIDEO: This clip was taken by an Italian tourist. Description via Google Translate:
Video fast and not really planned, so we apologize for the quality not really good. Today, June 7, 2014, was held in Sinchon, Seoul Gay Pride. The parade began in the early afternoon, but was not able to continue because a group of Christians was lying on the ground trying to stop participants of the parade to continue. The police arrived to maintain this order and many Christians, given their violent behavior, were dragged away by the police.

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