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The Rainbow Belongs To God Not Gays

Crimes against humanity defendant Scott Lively writes:
You will be blessed by this amazing song “The Rainbow Belongs to God." It was written my friend Johny Noer, a Danish pastor living in the Negev Desert of Israel, and performed by the very talented singer/composer Signe Walsoe. Johny was an attendee and guest lecturer at my Bible seminar in England last fall and was inspired by my article/strategy “The Rainbow Belongs to God” which I created to encourage the Russians to reclaim the rainbow as a Christian symbol during the Winter Olympics. This beautiful music video is a fruit of our ministry partnership and I encourage you to forward it to your pro-family friends around the world.
Like Jeremy Hooper, I'm quite amused by the song's ending: "And who is the one that dares to doubt God's warning that the next time is fire? Ooooooh, FIRE. Ooooooh, next time is FIIIIRRRREEE!!!"

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