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Tony Perkins Cheers Texas GOP

"Don't be surprised if the Texas GOP lands on the Left's list of 'hate groups' after their convention this past weekend. In affirming its state platform upholding natural marriage and the sanctity of life, the Lone Star's GOP threw its weight behind a host of key values, including the right of patients to seek 'reparative therapy' for unwanted same-sex attractions. In fact, the endorsement was so non-controversial that the issue was never even debated among the 7,000 delegates. Jonathan Saenz, a good friend to FRC and head of Texas Values, thinks the plank is a no-brainer. 'The platform reflects what the people in the Republican Party have asked for, and that should be no surprise: family values, protection of marriage between one man and one woman, and everything that goes along with that.' The New Jersey GOP could stand to learn a thing or two from Texas, after Governor Chris Christie (R) not only refused to support reparative therapy but signed a law banning it across the state. GOP moderates complain that conservatives are trying to keep the party in the past. But their reaction and that of liberals across the country proves once again that 'choice' is only respected when that choice is to advance homosexuality." Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email.

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