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Tony Perkins Praises ExxonMobile

"It won't change the price of gas, but it may comfort you to know that at ExxonMobil, your business isn't fueling radical pro-homosexual policies. Despite outside pressure, ExxonMobil is holding the line on its workplace ethics -- a 17-year streak that remained intact after last week's shareholders meeting. In a corporate environment that seems to be dictated by pro-homosexual progressives, ExxonMobil hasn't budged on its opposition to making "sexual orientation" a special protected class. In typical totalitarian fashion, liberals are moving to plan B: demanding ExxonMobil's compliance. Fortunately, not every business is going down without a fight. ExxonMobil's consistent refusal shows that corporate America is not going the Left's direction without government interference." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.

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