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WISCONSIN: ACLU Files For Permanent Injunction Against Marriage Ban

The ACLU yesterday filed the requested demand for a permanent injunction against the enforcement of Wisconsin's marriage ban.
Defendants Scott Walker and J.B. Van Hollen, in their official capacities,and their officers, agents, servants, employees and attorneys, and all those acting in concert with them, are permanently enjoined from enforcing art. XIII, ยง 13 of the Wisconsin Constitution and any Wisconsin statutory provisions limiting marriage to different-sex couples, including those in Wis. Stat. ch. 765, so as to deny same-sex couples the same rights to marry that are provided to different-sex couples or to deny same-sex couples lawfully married in Wisconsin or in other jurisdictions the same rights, protections, obligations and benefits of marriage under Wisconsin law that are provided to different-sex couples.
Read the full filing.

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