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ARIZONA: Gay Sheriff Paul Babeu Leads Protest Against Migrant Children

In 2012 the Mexican ex-boyfriend of Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu sued him for $1M, alleging that Babeu had threatened to have him deported if the boyfriend were to out him.  Babeu's run for the US House fizzled shortly thereafter, but not before it was revealed that he spoken at an event staged by a group that wants to end illegal and most legal immigration and wants to end automatic citizenship for children born in the United States. Today Babeu is believed be one of the organizers behind an anti-immigration rally taking place in Oracle, Arizona, where busloads of migrant children will be delivered to a federal holding facility. Supporters of the children and anti-immigrant protesters are facing off at this writing. According to this live blog, in the photo Babeu is handing out flyers in support of the protesters' First Amendment right to scream at the children.
(Tipped by JMG reader Homer)

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