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COLORADO: State Appeals Court Denies AG, Licenses Continue In Boulder County

Via the Boulder County News:
The Colorado Court of Appeals today denied state Attorney General John Suthers' emergency motion to stop Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall from issuing same-sex marriage licenses until the court hears an appeal in the case. Hall remains the only county clerk in the state issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Boulder District Judge Andrew Hartman on July 10 denied a request by Suthers to grant an injunction to prevent Hall from issuing the licenses, saying the state could not prove Hall's action harmed the state. He re-affirmed that ruling this week. Suthers filed an appeal with the Colorado Court of Appeals, and asked that a stay be issued stopping Hall pending the hearing of the appeal.
Hall has issued 187 licenses to same-sex couples so far. Suthers has declared that all those licenses are invalid. Earlier this week a federal judge struck down Colorado's ban, but stayed his ruling until August 25th. (Tipped by JMG reader Luis)

Read the full ruling.

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