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Croatia Approves Civil Unions

Croatia's parliament today approved civil unions by a vote of 89-16. JMG reader Andrea provides us with a translation of the linked article:
According to the Italian news agency ANSA the Croatia legislature approved in the third reading (89-16 vote) the Registered Partnership bill. This bill will recognize gay and lesbian couples as "form of family life" and they will grant the same rights and duties of marriage. Marko Jurcic, leader of a Croatian LGBT group, said to ANSA "This long-awaited legal recognition of our unions means that all family forms are equal, that they deserve to live in a safe, happy environment and that the dignity of every person, regardless of his sexual orientation is inalienable". Gay and lesbian couples will have the opportunity to wed as straight couple do in town halls. The act will not grant adoption rights, but if one the partner dies and had a child the other partner will have guardianship rights. If the two partners are alive and one of them has a child the other will be recognized as step-parent. The act received negative comments from ultraconservative groups that promoted a constitutional amendment that ban same-sex marriage.

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