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NEW JERSEY: Attacker Of Gay NYC Bartender Has Yet To Be Extradited

Two weeks ago New York City Eagle bartender Paul Martone was left in critical condition after a Hell's Kitchen street altercation involving his dog. Martone's attacker, Corey Pohan, 32, fled to his mother's home in suburban New Jersey where he remains in jail pending a hearing on local disorderly conduct charges for climbing onto the top of the Lincoln Tunnel toll plaza after leaping from the car of the NYPD detectives who were transporting him back to Manhattan.
During his appearance on a disorderly conduct charge, no-nonsense Judge Karen Boylan asked the surfer dude if he knew when he was going to be extradited to New York to face an assault rap. “No, I just walked up this ramp and sat here. I haven’t talked to anyone other than the public defender, and he said no,” Pohan whined. Boylan then told him she didn’t have enough information on the Jersey charge to proceed with the case. “It looks like we’re going to have to hold you over until next week“ she said, news that also sent the bruiser’s mom Barbara Pohan into hysterics. “Next week? Can’t we handle this today if he pleads guilty?”she cried out. “Mrs. Pohan, he has criminal contacts in Colorado. He has an extradition here to New York. He hasn’t spoken to the detectives who made the arrest here in Jersey. I have no discovery, so we’ll see you on the screen next week,” the judge replied. Pohan, dressed in green prison scrubs, sobbed uncontrollably as he left the chair in the video room in another section of the courthouse and walked out of view of the monitor.
The judge did not elaborate on Pohan's "criminal contacts" in Colorado. The NYPD has not yet disclosed what charges Pohan may face in Manhattan. Martone remains hospitalized. The incident spawned international headlines and a social media furor on whether Martone instigated the fight.

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