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OHIO: New Ad From Why Marriage Matters

Columbus television reports:
For the first time in a decade, marriage equality ads will be seen on Ohio TV. Starting Wednesday an ad supporting gay marriage will begin running statewide. The TV spot tells the story of George and Henry - they're two Ohioans who have been together fifty years. Although their marriage license says New York, here's how the commercial ends: "Hopefully, Ohio will be next." Next week, a huge rally will be held in Cincinnati. Mike Premo, of Why Marriage Matters Ohio told ABC 6, "We're expecting a really big turnout. It's going to be a historic day." The rally will be held the night before a federal court hears gay marriage cases from four states. According to Premo, "There's a tremendous amount of momentum and we've seen 28 rulings in a row from judges in favor of marriage equality across the country."

(Tipped by JMG reader Arthur)

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