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Red-Caped Catholic Loons Visit Louisiana

From their website:
Unfortunately, however, police officers soon arrived. "You cannot be on the neutral zone," they said, referring to the large public sidewalk where we were standing. "There's a city ordinance against this, and you will need to step away and ask the private businesses for permission to stand on their property. You can't do it here." How strange: The public sidewalk in Kenner is off limits to free speech. Two more police officers arrived to make sure that we stepped away from the public sidewalk. Something wasn't right at all. In the meantime, the only thing we could do was straddle the line between the public sidewalk and private property, hoping that would work. And it did, until the police returned to complain about the honk signs. Apparently, there's an ordinance about honking as well. "Do you have any signs that don't ask drivers to honk?" the police sergeant asked. We did. And the campaign continued. Even without displaying out honk sings, passing vehicles still continued to honk. It would be rather difficult for the police force to flag down hundreds of vehicles, I imagine.

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