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Todd Starnes: Vermont Town Won't Let Boy Scouts Pick Up Trash Over Gay Ban

Todd Starnes writes at Fox News:
The folks in Montpelier, Vermont will have to find someone else to pick up trash after their Fourth of July Parade. It seems the Boy Scouts won’t be volunteering this year. And they won’t be selling bottled water either. The Boy Scouts bowed out after city council members criticized the group’s ban on gay adult leaders. The council initially tabled a request for the scouts to participate. Instead, they wanted the children and their leaders to attend another council meeting where they could debate the scout’s ban on gay adult leaders. Councilman Thierry Guerlain told The Times Argus he did not want a group that openly discriminates against gays selling water at the town’s parade – even if it meant banning local Boy Scouts from selling bottled water. So instead of getting bullied by the town council – the scouts decided to withdraw from the parade. We’re going to steer clear of Montpelier for a while,” Scout volunteer Leslie Sanborn told the newspaper. “It’s left a very bad taste in our mouths.”
At the top of Starnes' post: "This commentary is brought to you by Persecuted. In theaters July 18th."

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