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Tony Perkins On ENDA

"As even the Left turns its back on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to give homosexuals and transgenders special rights in the workplace, the White House stubbornly plows ahead, insisting that it will defy Congress and enact a smaller version of the law by executive order. Angry the policy wouldn't go far enough in handcuffing employers with religious beliefs, most homosexual activists turned their backs on the idea. While they may have changed their position, 'this administration has not changed ours,' an Obama spokesman said. 'We're certainly aware of the ongoing conversations about ENDA,' he explained. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be aware of the conversation in Congress, where House members refused even to consider the bill. As we know too well, the LGBT community may make up three percent -- but it continues to get nearly 100% of the President's attention. If only Christians realized what liberals already do: that when it comes to transforming the culture, it's not the quantity of those engaged, but rather the quality of the commitment that counts." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email.

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