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Brian Brown: Gays Don't Need Any Legal Protections Because Hardly Anybody Discriminates Against Them

"There are hundreds of documented cases of harassment by LGBT activists against Christians and other people of faith who support traditional values, and scant evidence of such incidents against lesbians and gays. Yet cities like Houston pursue special 'nondiscrimination" ordinances, Congress is being pressured to pass "nondiscrimination' statutes and President Obama has issued an executive order on the subject. Meanwhile, it's indisputable that a gay activist walked into the offices of the Family Research Council with a plan to murder dozens of employees there because of their opposition to redefining marriage and the gay and lesbian agenda.

"And yet, this incident has spawned no proposed 'nondiscrimination' legislation to protect people of faith and religious groups, nor has President Obama issued any executive orders. NOM opposes harassment and violence of any kind against anyone engaged in the public square. We also oppose ordinances like that passed in Houston and being advanced in Congress. The record shows that if anyone needs special protections from retaliation and punishment based on who they are, it's Christians, people of faith and religious groups, not gay and lesbian activists." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, pretending to be unaware that Christians have enjoyed "special rights" for the half-century since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The above came in today's emailed money beg.

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