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Christian Group: Cut Up Your Target Cards

The American Decency Association has issued a call for its supporters to boycott Target and mail the chain their destroyed charge cards. Lisa Van Houten writes for the group:
Someone should explain to Target that “equality” doesn’t mean sameness. I as a female may be equal in worth to a man, but I am not the same. There are many things we as individuals are not legally allowed to do without meeting certain criteria – that does not mean we aren’t treated equally under the law. And certain criteria and limitations have always applied to marriage in this nation of freedoms. Any adult can be married – as long as they meet the criteria. And the criterion that has stood since God ordained the institution of marriage is the union of a man and a woman. As we see those beliefs under attack with growing intensity each day, I pray we will wake up, speak out, and act in defense of biblical Truth – and that includes applying biblical stewardship to where we shop. Besides not shopping at Target, here a couple of other suggested actions to take: If you have a Target credit card, cut it up and return it to the company, or send copies of past receipts, with a note expressing your displeasure at the company’s choosing to align with the LGBT agenda instead of remaining neutral on this issue. If you know of a family member planning a wedding or expecting a baby, urge them not to use Target’s bridal and baby registry.
They've posted a complaint letter to Target for its followers to sign. Oh look, you can edit it.

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