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Editorial Of The Day

From the Gainesville Sun:
[Attorney General Pam] Bondi has dug in her heels, telling reporters last week she is "just getting started" in defending Florida's ban. Doing so defies common sense and wastes taxpayers dollars as the issue awaits a decisive U.S. Supreme Court ruling. But the good news is that Hinkle's ruling, which was largely stayed pending appeal, takes Bondi out of the equation. The ruling found that Bondi and Gov. Rick Scott are duplicative defendants, allowing the case to instead move forward against the Washington County clerk of courts and two Scott appointees: the surgeon general and secretary of management services. Scott has said he supports "traditional marriage" before more recently dodging questions about the subject. It's time for Scott, Bondi and other state officials to stop spending public money defending a position that both the courts and most of the public no longer supports.
This editorial makes an excellent point that was largely missed during last week's ruling hoopla.

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