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Michael Sam Makes NFL Debut

Michael Sam made his NFL debut last night in a preseason match between the St. Louis Rams and the New Orleans Saints. Via Bleacher Report:
On Friday evening , the rookie defensive end for the St. Louis Rams finally got the chance to see some game action in the National Football League, and while Sam didn't exactly light the world on fire, he did accomplish one very important goal: Michael Sam showed that he belonged in the NFL. Actually, it was more than a little interesting that Sam entered the game as early as he did. When the Rams' first "official" depth chart was released a few days ago, Sam was listed as a third-stringer, but he entered the game with the twos. Sam played the rest of the first half, finishing with one solo tackle, one quarterback hit and one quarterback hurry. With rushing the passer being Sam's forte, he clearly looked most comfortable while going after the quarterback, even if he wasn't able to seal the deal. At this point, there's still a very real chance that Sam won't make the team. But, if and when that day comes, it doesn't mean Sam doesn't belong. It just means he doesn't belong on the 2014 St. Louis Rams (a team not exactly hurting for defensive line help).

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