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NEW YORK CITY: Prosecutors Say "No Plea Deal" For Murderer Of Gay Man

In May 2013, Elliot Morales (left) chased Mark Carson, 32, out of a West Village restaurant and shot him point-blank in the head after calling him a "faggot." Last week New York City prosecutors declared that they will never agree to a lesser sentence in return for a guilty plea.
“I can assure you there is not now or will there ever be an offer made to this gentleman regarding this case,” Assistant District Attorney Joan Iluzzi-Orbon said Wednesday at a Manhattan Supreme Court hearing for Elliot Morales, 33. Morales — who’s charged with murder as a hate crime for allegedly shouting “Look at these faggots” before shooting dead Mark Carson, 32, in Greenwich Village — has had two court appointed attorneys since his May 2013 arrest. But the alleged hatemonger claims they were all unable to do their job and even filed complaints against three defense attorneys involved in the case. Justice Charles Solomon appointed new lawyer Glenn Hardy Wednesday.
Elliot Morales faces a potential sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: At the time of his arrest, Morales reportedly laughed and boasted to the NYPD about shooting Carson. Despite that confession, he later pleaded not guilty and laid the groundwork for an insanity defense by claiming the he had been sexually molested as a child. In addition to the Taurus .38 revolver used to kill Carson, a search of Morales' home found what police described as a "Serbian-made Zastava assault weapon." Two days after the murder, thousands of New Yorkers poured into the streets for a massive vigil march in Carson's memory. Even hate group leaders such as Tony Perkins and Brian Brown denounced Carson's murder, although Breitbart and Matt Barber predictably claimed the murder was being "politicized" in order to promote gay rights. The shooting of Mark Carson came amidst a terrifying spree of violent anti-gay hate crimes across New York City, prompting then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Chief Ray Kelly to hold a joint press conference regarding stepped-up police patrols in gay neighborhoods such as the West Village.

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