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OMM Claims Victory With Black Jesus

Just in via email:
Joe, Victory! American Eagle Outfitters heard you loud and clear and pulled their support from the “Black Jesus” program! Here is American Eagle's quick response:

Dear One Million Moms, Thank you for expressing your concerns. American Eagle Outfitters does not support or affiliate ourselves with messaging of the show Black Jesus and have pulled our spots from their particular broadcast times. Advertising during this show was an oversight on our part and we sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused. Thank you, Kayt Pritts, American Eagle Outfitters, Associate Manager, Communications

One Million Moms has thanked them on behalf of all of our supporters for their quick response and for their cooperation. One Million Moms appreciates that they listened to our concerns and will no longer sponsor this inappropriate program "Black Jesus." No further action is needed.
OMM head Monica Cole adds that Christians can once again "confidently patronize" American Eagle Outfitters.

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