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One Million Moms Vs Carl's Jr.

One Million Busybodies is calling for a boycott.
Joe, Will Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. ever learn? They are at it again with another disgusting ad. Their newest Texas BBQ Thickburger commercial focuses on the model’s sweaty chest and legs with several suggestive shots. This ad is extremely degrading to women and should be pulled off the air immediately. Not long after One Million Moms contacted the company about its advertisement starring Kate Upton making out with a burger at a drive-in movie wearing only skimpy lingerie, the company aired three different commercials all with the same theme. The restaurant is using sex to sell its burgers with scantily-clad models licking sauce seductively in provocative poses. 1MM has had enough with their soft porn ads! We will politely, but sternly let them know that we are not giving up on protecting our families. There is strength in numbers so be sure to send this to everyone you know! 1MM will remain consistent and dedicated, especially with companies that seem not to budge, which means we need EVERYONE’S help in taking action!
OMM says the company is blocking their emails (SNORK!) so they are asking their supporters to barrage their offices by phone. Here's the suggested script:
"Your advertising continues to offend me and my family. You have shown no respect for common decency, values or women. If you continue to advertise in this manner and refuse to remove your recent ad, my family will no longer eat in your restaurants. I also plan on telling everyone I know never to visit your restaurant again unless you pull the Texas BBQ Thickburger ad off the air and remove it from your website immediately!"

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