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SAN DIEGO: Cops Suspect Inside Job In Trashing Of Homocon Carl DeMaio's Office

Remember a few months ago when the office of homocon US House candidate Carl DeMaio was trashed just days before the primary? Remember how reporters suspected an attention-seeking inside job? Via U-T San Diego:
Two former staffers may be the ones responsible for a burglary at GOP congressional candidate Carl DeMaio’s Mira Mesa campaign headquarters on the eve of the June 3 primary election, a San Diego Police Department spokesman said Friday. Lt. Kevin Mayer said police have concluded that a burglary did occur at the office late in the evening of May 27 or in the early morning hours of May 28. Several thousand dollars of hardware was damaged or destroyed, including computers, telephones, a copy machine and an Internet router and cable modem. Mayer said the DeMaio campaign identified two former staff members as potential suspects early on in the investigation. “Both staff members are cooperating with our investigation,” Mayer said. “We anticipate the our investigation will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office in the next couple of weeks.” He was unable to say if the two were staffers at the time of the burglary or left the campaign subsequent to the incident.
DeMaio declined to comment for the above-linked story.

RELATED: Two weeks before the break-in DeMaio confessed to having plagiarized a National Journal report on members of Congress who take government pensions in addition to their salaries.

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