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Today's Prayer From The AFA

Today's prayer from the American Family Association lumps in gays with pedophiles and Baptist dog-fuckers.
Sovereign Lord, I pray that _________ and I will honor your standards of sexual purity in every area of our lives. I pray that we will not do as the rest of the world does in this area, and that we will not follow its practices. I pray instead that we will obey your truth and be careful to follow your instructions when it comes to sexual conduct. You promise us that the man who obeys your word in this matter will live. I claim your promise of life for everyone who keeps your standards. We know that much sexual sin has been committed in our community and nation. We repent of all acts of incest, adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality. We acknowledge that such things are detestable to you, and that they are perversions of your intentions for us. We acknowledge that we profane your name and only defile ourselves through our sexual sin. We pray against every effort of Satan to normalize sexual sin and make it acceptable in our culture. You teach us here that this is why you drove the Canaanites out of the land. They had morally forfeited their right to occupy the land through their sexual perversion. The land itself had become so defiled that it vomited them out.
The prayer concludes with a lengthy quoting from a version of Leviticus which curiously does not include the usual demand that all homosexuals be put to death. That must be a mistake. (Via Good As You)

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