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Tony Perkins: Christians Should Tell Gay Customers That Their Money Is Going to "Ex-Gay" Torture Clinics

Ian Silverstone writes at Right Wing Watch:
For conservatives, non-discrimination laws are another nail in the coffin of religious freedom. On Monday’s “Washington Watch,” host Tony Perkins lamented how increasingly difficult it is for Christian business owners to actively discriminate against and refuse service to LGBT people or same-sex couples based on their “religious views on sexuality.” Perkins said that business owners who fear challenges to their discriminatory practices from gay couples should prominently place signs in their businesses explaining their belief in “traditional marriage,” and emphasizing that any profits earned from LGBT customers will be donated to “ministries that actually help people who want to come out of the homosexual lifestyle.”
Perkins goes on to say that once gay customers realize where their money is going they'll stop "targeting" Christian companies.

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