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AFA Launches Boycott Of Target

"While other companies are choosing to remain neutral in the culture war, Target is going all out to support homosexual marriage. This is a company whose leaders make a mockery of marriage. They make a mockery of God's Word - and every Christian in this nation should let Target know it is out of step with the majority of Americans who support natural marriage. Are you going to give Target your money, knowing they'll use it to undermine your deeply held beliefs? TAKE ACTION: Target doesn't think you care enough to speak out. In essence, they are saying they don’t think you will take your business elsewhere. I think they underestimate the Christian community. Send your message to Target, urging them to withdraw their support for homosexual marriage and stop undermining long-held American values that marriage is only between one man and one woman." - Posted yesterday to the website of the American Family Association. (Via Good As You)

RELATED: NOM's month-old Target boycott has been the usual hilarious fail. Only 2850 people have bothered to sign NOM's petition. On the day the boycott launched, Target's stock price was $56.99. Yesterday the stock closed at $60.56 - meaning that Target's market cap has increased by $1.83 billion in the last month.

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