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Carl DeMaio Vs Rep. Scott Peters

Last night Log Cabin Republicans endorsee Carl DeMaio debated Rep. Scott Peters.
As they have for much of the campaign, the two honed in on each other’s record while on the San Diego City Council and DeMaio’s 2012 mayoral campaign. Peters repeatedly tried to paint DeMaio as a tea party extremist, while DeMaio said Peters was at the center of the city’s pension debacle and reduction in services. Republican DeMaio said Democrat Peters was labelling with him a politically pejorative term in an effort to obfuscate his own record, which DeMaio described as dismal. “In four years time I cleaned up the mess you made in eight years,” DeMaio said, pointing to his push for city worker pension reform and reductions in council perks. Peters stuck with the tea party theme, highlighting a statement DeMaio made at an appearance before the group during his 2012 mayoral campaign in which he indicated if elected he would “owe them and our collective movement everything.” DeMaio said the comment was taken out of context and that a video clip showing it had been spliced. Peters said the full video is on his campaign website.
The full debate is below. You might just want to watch the first few minutes in which the station sets up the campaign so far. Peters, should you be new to this particular battle, is an ardent LGBT ally.

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