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Census: 500K Gays Have Married In USA

Via Gay Star News:
Over half a million Americans have married a partner of the same-sex, new Census data released this month reveals. The United States Census Bureau estimated in 2012 that there were only 182,000 same-sex married couples in America. However revised estimates from the bureau’s 2013 American Community Survey upped that figure substantially to nearly 252,000. That figure does not include same-sex couples who married but then later divorced. In comparison there are 56 million American households that are headed by opposite-sex married couples. The Census Bureau also found that only 50.3% of Americans over 18 were in married relationships in 2013 – down from an all time high in 1960 when 72.2% of Americans were in opposite-sex marriages and same-sex relationships were illegal and not recorded.

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