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Dating Website: Chicago Is Top Travel Destination For Closeted Gay Men

According to a dating website that specializes in romantic travel, Chicago is the most popular destination for closeted gay men. Via press release:
Thousands of men are secretly flocking to destinations across the globe. With many counterparts left outside of the picture, many times the real purpose of trips remains undisclosed. conducted a two-part survey regarding closeted travel. The dating destination website first polled 5,184 male members seeking male travel companions, to find out if they were “out” as homosexuals. The 41% members who were in-fact closeted were then surveyed to discover their top destinations for discreet travel.

Top Closeted Destinations:
1.Chicago, Illinois
2.Sydney, Australia
3.Maui, Hawaii
4.Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
5.Vancouver, British Columbia
6.Las Vegas, Nevada
7.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8.Orlando, Florida
9.Buenos Aires, Argentina
10.Minneapolis, Minnesota
The press release adds: "Chicago is known as a major U.S. business hub, making it a plausible destination for prudent travel." 

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