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Erasure - Paradise

Erasure's new album debuts on Tuesday and today the full album is streaming on USA Today. One track jumps out from their review:
"I love that Eurotrance sound," Bell says. "It was another one of those uplifting songs." Paradise also has that sound, perhaps something Giorgio Moroder would have imagined. "I really love all his work with Donna Summer," Bell says. "I love the feeling of those arpeggiated synths, rhythms just going on. Or the sequences going on and vocal on top. That's sublime. Especially with Donna. She reached her peak with that. That was the idea behind Paradise. I was channeling Donna quite a bit — and Grace Jones, as well."
Sounds a bit more Cerrone than Moroder to me, especially the album version. Erasure plays DC this weekend and concludes the current tour in New York City on New Year's Eve.

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