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Frothy Mix: Make Secularism A Religion So That It Can Be Banned In Public Schools

"The idea that if you take religion out of the public square, if you take the Bible out of the classroom, that that’s neutral - well, no it’s not neutral! It’s a different worldview. I think we should start calling secularism a religion. Because if we did, then we could ban that too, because that’s what they’ve done. They’ve hidden behind the fact that the absence of a religion is not a religion of itself, which, in fact it is, because it has certain moral values and certain teachings that look like a type of moral worldview. So what we have to start doing as Christians is reassert ourselves and say, 'You know what? The freedom of religion is not the freedom from religion.' We should be in the public square. We should be taught in the schools. We should be an open marketplace of ideas instead of throttling one perspective out of the fear it being offensive to someone." - Likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum, speaking today on the radio show of Bryan Fischer, who has declared that the First Amendment only applies to Christians.

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