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Head Tattoos For "Shaved" Look

From an advertorial on Gay Star News:
Marcin Dobiasz, 35, originally from Poland, began losing his hair eight years ago. An actor and DJ, he lost all of his confidence when he went from a sexual lothario to being compared to Patrick Stewart. ‘About two years ago, before the treatment, I stopped dating completely and I wouldn’t take a cap off my head,’ he told GSN. ‘I remember I went to a restaurant with this guy and I was so scared to take the cap off. And when I did, he called me Star Trek. ‘My confidence was dropped completely. I used to be an actor. The lack of confidence I attributed to the hair loss, and I started working in a warehouse.‘I couldn’t go out and I didn’t think I could get another job.’ He ended up buying over 150 caps, resigning himself to wear them for the rest of his life. He was wearing them everywhere, even in bed. ‘I thought that was it, it was gone. Bald means old. I’m old,’ Dobiasz said. ‘I was a prisoner of my own hats.’ But then about two years ago, a friend sent him a link to Skalp. He had discarded other treatments, like plugs, as they looked and felt ‘fake’ and like pubic hair. Skalp is a micropigmentation medical hairline tattoo, giving you a ‘Buzzcut’ look.
I guess this comes too late for Francois Sagat.

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