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Headline Of The Day

From Britain's always bombastic Daily Mail:
Wearing matching slippers and bow ties, Brian Davidson, 55, Britain's consul-general in Shanghai, married his 33-year-old American boyfriend Scott Chang on the lawn of the home of Ambassador Sir Sebastian Wood. New rules mean that British nationals in homosexual relationships can marry in British consulates in 24 countries around the world as the land where the building stands is technically British soil. Brian Davidson hails from Northern Ireland and has worked as Consul-General in Shanghai since January 2011. He was previously Consul-General in Guangzhou from October 2006. He said that he was surprised at the response to his posting on Sina Weibo: 'The scale of the coverage has been a bit daunting but it has mostly been very positive.' A spokesman for Britain's embassy in Beijing confirmed to Agence France-Presse that the wedding had taken place, but said that the couple viewed it as a 'private matter'.
Britain permits gay weddings at its consulates provided that the host country does not object. According to the Daily Mail, China has not protested but the former British colony of Hong Kong has stated that it will not allow such ceremonies.

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