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Jack Burkman: I Canceled My Michael Sam Protest Due To Death Threats

"I and others in my organization received death threats over the phone Saturday and early Sunday. We took them very seriously and I did not want to risk anyone’s life to send a message. Whether gay radical activists or others made these threats is not clear yet. What is clear is that there are those who oppose us so vehemently that they will stop at nothing–and even resort to violence–to attack Christian values. Whoever did this are no different than terrorists." - Nutcase alleged GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman, in a press release distributed by the paid service PR News Channel. Last week Burkman declared that his group American Decency, which he claims has 3.6M members, would protest against Michael Sam outside the Dallas Cowboys game. The Dallas CBS affiliate deleted their report on that planned protest after the American Decency Association issued a statement disavowing any association with Burkman. (Tipped by JMG reader Tom)

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