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Patrick Gallagher - Swipe Right

Maggie Gallagher's son Patrick, as we've long known, writes musicals and once performed in an off-Broadway production of Sodom: The Musical. In 2012 Patrick debuted a new song at an AIDS fundraiser held at the Duplex, the famed West Village gay cabaret and nightclub. Here's his latest:
"Swipe Right (The Tinder Song)" Performed by Patrick Gallagher, Lizzie Rainville, Kameron Nelson, Franklin Wagner, Ashley Braxton, and Johna Miller. Music by William TN Hall. Lyrics by Patrick Gallagher. From Pretty People Suck (And Other Indisputable Facts About the Universe). Originally performed at The Playwrights' Center as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.
Patrick Gallagher's song writing partner performs regularly at Manhattan's gay piano bars such as Don't Tell Mama. Patrick sings first in the clip.

(Tipped by JMG reader Christopher)

RELATED: From a 2011 story on Patrick Gallagher:
We offered Patrick the opportunity to tell his side of things, but given the obvious personal conflict he feels about the situation, he declined. Though Patrick doesn’t want to comment directly, it has become clear that his views differ from his mother’s. According to Patrick, Maggie has been very supportive of his career and has not obstructed her son’s goals and dreams – like a mother should. One thing Patrick did say, which I don’t think he’d mind sharing is “Maybe one day I’ll write a hell of a musical about this.” Patrick’s a good guy who doesn’t deserve to be in the middle of this – but we feel that his and Maggie’s story is an important one that demonstrates the strength of a “non-traditional” family.

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