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PHILADELPHIA: Crowd-Sourcing Twitter Tipsters May Have Found Gay-Bashing Suspects, Philly Cops Tweet Back Publicly

Via Philly Mag:
Former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast mate Greg Bennett tweeted this photo that he claims — because of similarities in clothing — includes some of the alleged suspects in the hate crime that happened on Thursday in Center City. Bennett did not want to confirm who sent him the picture, but from the image it appears it was taken at La Viola at 252 South 16th Street, not far from where the attack happened at 16th and Chancellor streets. We reached out to the restaurant who confirmed that they had a large party on the night of the attack, but that they could not confirm whether the photo was taken that night. They also said they do not know who made the reservation, as they tear up their reservation list each night. They say they have not heard from police.
Follow the Twitter sleuthing at Storify. It does appear to be the same guy in the red vest. I'll find it hard to believe if that restaurant doesn't have at least several credit cards on file from that party. (Tipped by JMG readers Edward and Paul.)

UPDATE: The gay-bashers are giving themselves up.

RELATED: The owner of several Center City hotspots has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading the arrests of the attackers.

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