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Richard Blanco - Until We Could

I got to see this gorgeous short back in April at the tenth anniversary celebration of Freedom To Marry. The Daily Beast recaps:
It is a decade since the U.S. first state, Massachusetts, enshrined marriage equality in law, and since the founding of campaign group Freedom To Marry (FTM). It has been a fruitful, frustrating decade, a bizarre range of weather systems of advances and losses—but mainly now, finally, advances. To mark the 10 years, FTM commissioned Richard Blanco, the poet for Barack Obama’s second inauguration in 2013, to write a poem commemorating the decade. So powerful was the result, titled “Until We Could,” the organization then commissioned a video to bring Blanco’s words to evocative life.
The poem's text is at the link above.

(Tipped by JMG reader David)

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