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Tweet Of The Day - Dallas Cowboys

And it's done.
“I’m excited to be a Cowboy, it’s great to be heading home,” Sam said. “It has all happened so quickly, but it’s exciting, I just wanna get back to playing football you know.” Though he grew up in Texas, Sam said “I never followed the Cowboys growing up because I never had a team. I am a fan of defenses and Dallas need some help, that’s why I’m going.” Sam was cut by the St. Louis Rams this past weekend after drafting him in the seventh round in May. The Cowboys were initially not interested in him, but have changed their minds for numerous reasons. “I’m excited to be to be joining Dallas, I just want to play football, it’s great to be heading back to my home state. … It’s been a roller coaster this past week but I’m happy where I’m at now. … I’m just looking forward to being a Cowboy, my focus is on making the team.”
RELATED: The NFL has slashed the price of Michael Sam's St. Louis Rams jerseys by 50%. Dallas jerseys are not yet available.

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