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Twitter Suspends Account Spearheading Deletions Of Drag Names On Facebook

Via Pink News:
A Twitter account named the ‘Real Name Police’ which targeted drag performers on Facebook, calling on followers to report accounts to the social networking site which do not use legal names, has now been suspended. Last week Facebook met with drag performers in San Francisco following a controversy after the site started cracking down on profiles which do not use legal names. Despite the gesture, and an agreement to temporarily reinstate users’ profiles, Facebook said it would not change the policy. The performers argue that having a stage name unrelated to their legal name helps protect them from issues with employers, family members or unwanted attention. Many said their performer name was part of who they are. The Real Name Police account had trawled Facebook, and posted links to various accounts, including porn actor Michael Lucas, many drag performers and others who did not have their legal name on their Facebook account. The account posted an image of Twitter analytics, and claimed to have had over 201,000 impressions since it was set up three days ago.
I'm rather surprised that Twitter suspended the account. They weren't too interested a couple of years ago when I got death threats.

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