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Brian Brown: I'm Proud To Be A Hater

"I readily and proudly plead guilty to the 'crime' of not supporting [the HRC's] desire to redefine marriage. I have had the nerve to express that view not only here in America, but when invited to speak in other countries. Hence, in the distorted world of the campaign, I am an extremist and 'export hate.' I am proud to have played some small role in this emerging global movement. One of the few things the Human Rights Campaign correctly notes is that I have spoken to conferences around the world. However, these speeches focused not on 'hate' or 'division' but on the importance of individuals of different faiths, nationalities, cultures and political creeds uniting together in a shared defense of the truth of marriage and family. Working together with men and women dedicated to protecting the family is not the definition of hate, but love." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, who last month appeared at a Kremlin conference which concluded with a call for more nations to criminalize homosexuality.

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