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Christian Leader Matt Barber Runs Column From Advocate Of Executing Homosexuals

Peter Montgomery writes at Right Wing Watch:
As we’ve noted before, Matt Barber’s website BarbWire has become quite the outlet for extremists. Today, BarbWire promotes as one of its “Top Stories” a column called “Repent! For the Kingdom of Sodom is At Hand.” Columnist Philip Stallings bemoans growing support for LGBT equality among millennials, blaming it on “the public school system’s indoctrination of wickedness.” Stallings praises civil magistrates in North Carolina who have refused to issue marriage certificates to “sodomites.” [snip] Stallings is identified on BarbWire as a “Political Theonomist.” That’s a term used by Christian Reconstructionists who believe government should be enforcing their interpretation of Old Testament law, like Gary North and Michelle Bachman mentor John Eidsmoe. Turns out that’s exactly what Stallings believes. His Twitter feed links to a Christian radio show on which he spent nearly half an hour on August 25 arguing that the government should execute homosexuals – or “sodomites.”
Listen to Stalling's full radio appearance in which he startles the host when he argues that homosexuals should be executed. The excerpt from Right Wing Watch is below.

UPDATE: Readers point out that it appears Stallings has quite the criminal history. Check it out here and here.

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