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MAINE: First Lady Endorses Openly Gay Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Michaud

Via the Bangor Daily News:
First Lady Michelle Obama had a clear message for supporters of gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud attending a rally at the University of Maine on Friday: Get out to vote and bring like-minded people with you. “Barack won because of record numbers of women and minorities and young people who showed up to vote,” she said, referring to President Barack Obama’s winning campaigns in 2008 and 2012. “When the midterms came along, too many of our people just tuned out,” she said. “That’s what folks are counting on on the other side this year.” Michelle Obama appeared before an enthusiastic crowd of about 1,500 people at the Collins Center for the Arts.
Michaud, who came out in November 2013, is a six-term member of US House and the former president of the Maine Senate. If elected he would become the first state governor to be out at the time of his election. A Portland Herald Press poll released two weeks ago showed Michaud leading incumbent Gov. Paul LePage by two points.

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