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PUERTO RICO: Lambda Legal Tells Court To Issue Summary Marriage Judgment

From their brief:
As of this filing, thirty states and the District of Columbia recognize the constitutional right of same-sex couples to marry. Indeed, a remarkable and nearly unbroken seismic wave of federal court rulings across the country has struck down state statutory and constitutional marriage bans similar to Puerto Rico’s ban. Numerous federal courts have held that laws prohibiting Banned Couples from marrying or having their out-of-state marriages recognized violate the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States. The overwhelming majority of these courts have decided these constitutional questions promptly and without the need for discovery. And the Supreme Court of the United States has allowed these judgments to stand by recently refusing review of cases from the Fourth, Seventh and Tenth Circuits. This case, these Plaintiffs, and Puerto Rico’s Marriage Ban should be treated no differently.
Read the full filing at Equality Case Files.

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