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Short Film: Out Smart

From the filmmakers:
What if you had to come out smart the way you come out gay? In our short film "Out Smart," a teenage boy faces his parents' shock and outrage when he "comes out." He's not gay, though. He's smart! We made the film as a tool to talk about coming out. "Out Smart" satirizes the most common objections made to those who come out LGBT. We hope this unusual context makes these remarks seem as ridiculous and hurtful as they are. We also hope the not-yet-out LGBT person might feel emboldened by that -- and certainly less alone. Nearly 50 chapters of PFLAG nationwide have screened "Out Smart," from Little Rock, Arkansas, to Kauai, Hawaii, and Juneau, Alaska. Schools and churches, too. It's won 6 awards and 8 nominations and appeared in two dozen film festivals around the world.
Cute and well-acted.

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