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Viral Video Of The Day

At an In-N-Out Burger in California, a man carrying a bible had been holding the door open for customers all day. Because reasons. When the staff declined to thank him for this strange behavior, the man had a screaming meltdown that was caught on a customer's cell phone. Via Raw Story:
When a manager asked the man to leave, he exploded in an expletive-laced rant before vandalizing the store’s plastic plant display. “Am I gonna get busted? No!” the man shouts at the beginning of the video as customers leave their tables to get away from the commotion. He goes on the vent loudly about the restaurant “bitching about someone holding a fucking door for people,” which he claims to be doing because he’s a “fucking Christian” who’s got to “stand up for other fucking Christians.”
Add a country accent and you've got our buddy Christmas.

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