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ARKANSAS: FRC To Lead Rally Against Marriage In State Capital Tomorrow

From the Family Research Council:
Are you ready to make your voice heard to the Arkansas Supreme Court about the sanctity of marriage? Are you tired of judges running roughshod over the will of Arkansas’ voters? If you are, then I want to invite you to an important rally on the Capitol Steps in Little Rock. On Wednesday, November 19, at 11:00 AM Arkansans will rally in support of traditional marriage. This is an opportunity for everyone—especially ministers—to make their voices heard in saying marriage in Arkansas should remain the union of one man and one woman. Last May, Judge Chris Piazza struck down the state’s laws defining marriage. His decision was appealed, and the case now rests in the hands of the Arkansas Supreme Court. Next week, the court will hear oral arguments on the case, and they will decide who gets to define marriage: The People or one judge in Little Rock. This rally is your opportunity to take a stand for marriage. And be sure to forward this message to the ministers at your church and your friends so they can join us as well.
Leading the rally will be FRC vice president Josh Duggar.

RELATED:  On Thursday the Arkansas Supreme Court will hear the appeal of the ruling that overturned that state's ban on same-sex marriage on May 9th. Many couples married before that court issued its stay one week later. Arkansas is under the jurisdiction of the Eighth Circuit Court, which has not been presented with a marriage case since Nebraska's Bruning case in 2006. An expected appeal to the Eighth Circuit by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has not yet been filed.

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