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"Ex-Gay" Nutter Slams Southern Baptist Leader For Denouncing Torture Therapy

"Homosexual feelings are often the result of underlying sexual trauma or emotional detachment from same-sex peers and parents – when individuals realize the source of their feelings and pursue healing in their lives, change happens. In my work with the International Healing Foundation, so much of our ministry is dedicated to working with church leadership to help them better understand how to minister to those who experience SSA – we're helping them transform their pews from one of judgment and condemnation to hope and healing. This is not a 'utopian idea' of changing people, but rather, loving them where they are at and helping them pursue healing. My desire is for Russell Moore to sit down with me and so many of these men that I know who's lives have been transformed because of Christian therapists who understand how to help those struggling with unwanted SSA so we can better help the church in their ministry towards those struggling with homosexuality." - Christopher Doyle, head of Voice Of The Voiceless, in a letter published by the Christian P.ost.

RELATED: The International Healing Foundation is headed by Richard Cohen, who in 2006 appeared on CNN to demonstrate his gay cure which involves beating a pillow with a tennis racket while screaming, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Why did you do that to me?"

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