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HARLEM: Activists To Fundraise For Ali Forney In Response To Hate Church

On December 3rd, Harlem Against Violence & Homophobia will hold a fundraising event for the Ali Forney Center in response to the continuing attacks on the LGBT community by crackpot Pastor James David Manning, whose church is on the same street as Ali Forney's drop-in center for homeless LGBT youth.
“We can’t sit back and ignore the hateful words on the ATLAH sign,” said Harlem resident Stacy Parker Le Melle, organizer for Harlem Against Violence, Homophobia and Transphobia, the community group comprised of local residents working together to resist ATLAH’s hate speech. “We are trying to help those easily hurt by ATLAH’s messaging, the youth who have been pushed out of their homes due to family rejection, much of it religious-based,” said Le Melle. “We want a neighborhood safe and welcoming for all.”

For their second benefit night, the Harlem residents group will screen Brother Outsider, an award-winning documentary of the life of marginalized civil rights titan Bayard Rustin. Special guests include filmmakers Nancy Kates and Bennett Singer, and Mr. Rustin’s longtime partner Walter Naegle.

"Bayard Rustin spent his life working to build bridges between communities. He sought to heal racial, ethnic, and religious division and he did so in the spirit of love and reconciliation," said Walter Naegle. "Today, our world is still plagued by such strife and thus his work and message is more relevant than ever in seeking to build a just and equal society. 'No Time for Hate,' is a perfect opportunity to carry forth this message."
Hit the link for more information and tickets to the screening.

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