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LOUISIANA: FRC Files Fifth Circuit Court Brief Against Same-Sex Marriage

Via press release from Tony Perkins:
If you want to motivate voters, try trampling their right to self-govern. For more than a year, Americans have watched it happen in courtrooms across the country, as a handful of judges try to junk the marriage amendments passed by more than 41 million people. Yesterday, FRC did its part to stand with those voters by filing a friend of the court brief in the Fifth Circuit case supporting the state of Louisiana as it defends their marriage amendment approved by 78% of voters. You might remember that Judge Martin Feldman was the first to uphold a marriage referendum in a year and a half -- and has suffered for it ever since. Paul Linton, a constitutional appellate lawyer from Illinois, wrote the brief, which debunks the idea that there’s a “fundamental right to marry” in the U.S. Constitution. He also weighs in on the Left’s argument that Louisiana’s definition of marriage somehow “discriminates” on the basis of sex or gender.
The brief makes the usual tired arguments about procreation, incest, polygamy, and blah blah blah. There's nothing new to see here.

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