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BREAKING: Florida! Florida! Florida!

UPDATE: I just spoke with Key West plaintiff Aaron Huntsman: "I'm so thrilled to have been part of the process that hopefully has ended marriage inequality in Florida once and for all."

UPDATE II: The ACLU reacts via press release.
This is a thrilling day for all Florida families. As we explained to the Court, every day that the ban remains in place, couples are suffering real harms. We are grateful that the Court recognized that, and that as a result, those days are finally coming to an end. Now that the last-ditch efforts of Governor Scott and Pam Bondi to delay implementation of Judge Hinkle’s ruling have failed, we turn our focus to marriage equality coming to Florida. The nation’s highest court has now given its blessing to marriage going forward in Florida. Those who were waiting for the Supreme Court to weigh in have gotten exactly what they asked for. We expect public officials in all of Florida’s 67 counties to understand the significance of this development and look forward to full implementation of Judge Hinkle’s decision across our state.

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